Millenial Memories: Review of The Honeysuckle Pub

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In most cities, there are certain restaurants, bars and lounges that are staples within particular age groups which holds memories of an era of youthful exuberance and for most millennials in Accra, this is what The Honeysuckle Pub stands for.

Since 2005 or perhaps even earlier, Honeysuckle, as we fondly called it, has held the hearts of many serving as the first stop on a night about town. The pub shared its fame with the likes of Rhapsodies, Tantra, Aphrodisiac amongst a few... ahhh the memories.

The pub has now grown adding several branches in strategic locations across the city, however, for most millennials, the Osu branch, the first in the franchise, still holds a firm place in our hearts.

I requested to sit outside on the terrace to enjoy the view and engage in a bit of people watching, however,  I was informed that the space was full. The hostess apologised for the inconvenience and escorted me to the bar, promising to let me know when the terrace area freed up.

Once I conquered attempting to sit on the bar stool without toppling over, which might I add is a fear of mine, the bartender immediately handed me a menu and, personally, I think the price point is quite affordable considering the hike in the cost of living.

I ordered a decadent cold glass of frozen strawberry margarita and a serving of garlic mozzarella balls. I am not adventurous with my cocktails. Once I find something I like, I stick with it and for the longest time, my cocktail of choice was a refreshing mojito.

Pardon me - I digress.

Back to my solo night out. My drink was served and rather than a salt-rimmed to balance out the sweetness of the cocktail, I received a sugar rimmed glass which made for a cloying cocktail. My garlic mozzarella balls were served not too long after with a delicious chilli sauce which was neither tangy nor overbearingly spicy and seasoned to perfection. I truly enjoyed those literal bite-sized cheesy balls of heaven. Thinking about it now makes me crave a helping of the dish.

My visit reminded me of my 20s - filled with memories of bar hopping, something I dare not attempt now. My location of choice was the Labone branch on a Friday evening before heading out to my next stop.

Parking was slightly nightmarish mainly due to the narrowness of the street but I was directed to a makeshift parking lot which seemed to be located in someone’s house.

Right from the entrance, the service received was a preamble to the experience I would have inside. The security gentlemen were courteous and pleasant, immediately directing me upstairs.  

The service was all round anticipatory, albeit, me never getting a seat on the terrace, I still enjoyed my time at The Honeysuckle pub.

My bill was presented to me immediately after I requested for it and thankfully, there were no payment hiccups with the POS. This, my friends, is a story for another day. Remind me to tell you about my experience with Stanbic bank's card brouhaha AND MTN mobile money leaving me out to dry on a Saturday night out in with the girls. Why they choose to perform system upgrades on weekends is truly beyond me. Thank goodness my husband was awake at 3am and Vodafone cash were on their best behaviour.

Again pardon me - I digress

I would definitely recommend adding Honeysuckle to your list of places to visit in Accra for the service, feelings of nostalgia if you're like me and your 40s are smiling at you like the entities in the horror TV show From beckoning you to the 4th floor.

Let me know how your time at any of The Honeysuckle branches goes if this review encourages you by sending me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram @shunyaaonline_