Harriet Gyamfuah: Queen of Qatari PR

Authentically breaking barriers and amplifying creative voices in the Middle East...


7/6/20234 min read

ShunYaa Online (S.O): How did your upbringing influence the business woman you are today?

Harriet Gyamfuah (HG): My mother wanted stability for me by working at a safe job, perhaps, within the government but being the rebel that I am, I forged my own path. I never went in the conventional manner that was expected of me.

S.O: What was the driving force behind Creatives Amplified?

HG: After living in Qatar for over a decade, I recognised the opportunity in the Qatari PR market which was still quite new. I tapped into my experience to create a highly sought after agency. It was crucial to adopt international standards for the business’ model to be able to stand out.

S.O: What was the reception when you started Creatives Amplified in Qatar?

HG: Initially, the business did not go how I wanted it to and I inadvertently became an influencer manager when the rise of social media and influencers started in Qatar. Many people gravitated towards me and because of my sociability and vast network making me the bridge between influencers and businesses.

This is not the direction I envisioned for Creatives Amplified. Furthermore, I did not identify as an influencer manager so I decided to pivot and re-strategize the model. I wanted to bring value to my clients and utilize my skills. Interestingly, COVID-19 helped me in this regard. I’ve been grateful to land gigs this year that has enabled us shine as a PR agency.

S.O: How did you manage to bridge the cultural gap when you decided to leave Qatar airways?

HG: Fortunately for me, working with a culturally diverse company like Qatar Airways equipped me with the skills that helped me collaborate with the dynamic personalities I encountered.

S.O: How has the Qatari creative landscape helped you and your business achieve its goals?

HG: I found the PR industry in Qatar, especially, in the fashion and creatively inclined sectors was ripe for the taking. Although there were advancements being made, I sensed it was still fresh and young giving me the chance to make my mark. I observed a niche market for fashion and recognized the potential of the Qatari fashion industry. This has provided and still provides me the opportunity to closely collaborate with the industry to contributing to its growth and showcasing its talent.

S.O: What are the key values that influenced/influences how you operate your business

HG: One of the main things I always remind my team of is to maintain a pleasant demeanour and adopt a solution-oriented mindset. I am a firm believer that there is always a solution, and I instil this belief in my team. We must actively find alternative approaches that benefits both business and the client.

Another value that I embrace in my business is self-awareness of our strengths and staying true to them. Trying to excelling every area may result in being as a master of none so narrowing our focus is our guiding principle.

S.O: What pep talk do you give yourself before pitching to a client?

HG: I usually don't need a pep talk because I have great confidence in my work, and that speaks volumes for me. Moreover, I prioritise transparency with clients, which connects back to my previous comment of never saying no.

Should the job not align with my niche, I am honest with the client yet I always find solutions that work for them. I never leave a room with unresolved problems or unanswered questions. This approach has enabled me to retain clients and deliver value to them consistently.

S.O: Have you considered expanding to Ghana and starting a PR mentorship program in Ghana?

HG: I have not yet explored the possibility doing PR in Ghana as I am unfamiliar with the market. However, if I were to enter the Ghanaian market, it would be more feasible for me to work in a collaboratively with established PR firms in Ghana.

S.O: Who are some of your favorite Ghanaian and international designers.

HG: I am currently in love with Andrea Iyamah, Bello Edu, Kai Collective, Talensi, Fenoel and Bottega Veneta.

S.O: What are your daily non-negotiables?

HG: I absolutely need to have my coffee! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning genuinely makes me happy. I have an end of day ritual in my office. Right before we switch off the lights, everybody gathers to say “Thank you office”. It may sound silly but I want to cultivate a sense of gratitude because not everyone has the privilege to work in a space that fosters positivity and creativity.

S.O: If you had the opportunity to meet two of your heroes/sheroes, who would you choose?

HG: I had the incredibly opportunity of meeting one of my heroes, Dr. Yvette Noel Schure. She taught me the importance of authenticity and infuse "Harriet" into everything I do.

Another person I'd absolutely love to meet is Bozoma Saint-John.