Fear of Failure (Second Edition)


8/10/20231 min lire

The fear of failure crippled me. It told me that I was wasting my time pursuing this journey. “Who reads anymore?”, it asked.

So I hid. I took the easier route but I was unhappy. Unfulfilled. Dissatisfied.

I knew that this has been and will always be my calling. In this edition, I decided to celebrate women who, despite the odds, persevered.

This edition celebrates all women. Those running their own businesses in these difficult times and navigating these uncertain waters. The women who would rather be somewhere else but sacrifice their happiness for the families. The women who are relentless, resilient and inspire us to apply grit in everything we do.

I am still scared of the unknown but with shoulders high, I embrace the challenges, the highs, the lessons and, most importantly, I look forward to positively impacting the modern African woman.