Zing Up The Bedroom

Spicing up your Sex life


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In the spirit of our website launch, I decided to go all out. You know, leave our footprints on the hypothetical moon and there's no better way to start off our Sex and Relationship section than with a steam sexy piece on sizzling up the bedroom.

Let's talk about sex toys! Now, I know that this is more or less an unspoken aide in the room unless you’re having an open conversation with your girls after a couple of brewskis.

In Africa, we’re well aware that topics about sex usually go unsaid unless you have no-filter friends like I do.

Sex, if not given attention, can get mundane, monotonous and plain old oatmeal boring. Missionary, legs up, doggy style and the usual suspects can get a tad routine. Perhaps your sex life is still as vibrant as the rainbow, but you're curious about adding some spice to the bedroom adventures.

Well guess what?! You’re in luck because I am here to save the day with friends who can be little yet have large personalities.

If you've considered using sex toys (or maybe you haven’t), this is the perfect article for you.

Sex toys can be an incredible addition to your sexcapades and turn up the zing-oh-meter in the bedroom.

There is a wide variety of sex toys to can choose from and whether you're exploring alone or embarking on a co-piloted journey to the Land of Ohs!, we’ve complied an enticing list of recommended toys that’ll have you bringing the neighbourhood down.

Before you dive into this mission, should you choose to accept, here are a few things to consider that ensure that the sex toys become a welcome and exciting addition to your bedroom repertoire.

Avoiding Awkwardness:

Having a conversation with your partner about your likes and dislikes during sex is crucial to ensure that both of you have an exciting and climatic (no pun intended) experience.

Clear, open communication is key!

Mutual Benefit:

Listen here. This is not just about you. It is important to figure out how your new addition can be mutually beneficial for both you and your partner. Both of you need to gain some pleasure of sorts together for this to be a truly mind-blowing experience.

The "Why":

Take a moment to consider the reasons behind your interest in introducing sex toys. Are you missing clitoral stimulation (pay attention here) which is most important for a woman in achieving an orgasm? Or maybe you are curious about some back-door action? Perhaps you simply want to spice up your sexual routine? Figuring out the why helps you and your partner understand your sexual needs.

Shopping for the goods:

Now that you and your partner got your feelings sorted out, it’s time to go shopping! Your partner may or may not be part of this experience because for some, walking into a sex shop is unimaginable.

Enter the internet! There are now a host of online shops that you can order from and have you new bedroom assistant discreetly delivered to your doorstep.


Just because you want a sex toy doesn’t mean your partner will immediately be on-board. You have to be prepared to be empathetic to their feelings.

Your partner may experience feelings of inadequate, so it's crucial to constantly reassure them that they’re enough for you emotionally and sexually. Most importantly, they’re not getting replaced by a buzzing ally.


I cannot stress enough on the importance of practising safe sex. If you have multiple partners, condoms are essential to prevent STIs/STDs. Wash your  sex toy with warm water and an antiseptic like Dettol or Savlon after use.

Remember safe sex is the best kind of sex.


Here's one last piece of advice, don’t go shopping for an enormous intimidating dildo with all the bells and whistles for your first couples sex toy. That could go south really quick. Instead opt for something small and playful to welcome you to an exciting world of wonder. And don’t forget to LUBE IT UP…