Polo Beach Club Review: Luxury Lifestyle & Dining Experience in Accra.


Edem Abutiate

8/28/20234 min leer

The Year of Return campaign, launched in 2019 to reconnect Diasporans with their African roots, brought about a rise in the demand for diverse lifestyle and hospitality options in Ghana. This was cater to the influx of tourists and consumers with an eclectic taste.

As a result, a flurry of upscale beach clubs, artisanal fine dining restaurant, contemporary luxury accommodations, and a host of lifestyle experiences emerged.

Located on the Atlantic coast in Labadi Beach, Accra, Polo Beach Club is an upscale beachside property where the trendiest go to lounge, unwind and enjoy the cool embrace of the ocean’s breeze.

Adequate security is on-site, and there is an obvious thoughtfulness and intentionality displayed from arrival as a golf buggy transports you from the gravelled parking lot to the actual beach club.

Tones of beige are apparent throughout the exterior decor which lending to the aesthetic of an upscale beach club. Our evening was awash with the sounds of the crashing waves, adding authenticity to the beach club atmosphere but could have done with a bit of lounge music serenading us in the background. I was left feeling a tad wanting with the how quiet it was.

The lighting intensity was somber with minimal decor that matched the evening’s tone. This could have been complemented with flickering tea lights on the tables to elevate the mood.

Branded coconut with horse and beach in the background
Branded coconut with horse and beach in the background

The customer experience and service from the team was great. The hostess pleasantly offered seating suggestion and was kind enough to wipe the dampness off the cushions. Our waiter was a shining star: unfortunately, he did not introduce himself. He was very attentive and courteous. It is observed that the lack of introduction is consistent across staff we interacted with. This, however, did not take away from the stellar customer experience.

Now to the part I’ve been itching to rave about- the food and drinks.

Polo Beach Club's cultural spin on Hot Buffalo Chicken wings is reminiscent of a hearty homemade spicy tomato sauce, served with the side of yams fried to crispy perfection. The heat in the chicken wings packed an adequate punch, not too heavy, leaving you not desperately searching for a glass of milk. This is a welcome deviation from the traditional buffalo sauce, which is usually served with a ranch or blue cheese dressing. Our chicken wings was served with a side of ketchup and green scotch bonnet pepper sauce. I am partial to green pepper sauces in general because of the aromatics of the kpakposhito (local name for green scotch bonnet pepper). Although one of our numerous servings of the dish came out a cold, our server offered to reheat it without us asking.

10 points for proactiveness!

Mojito served in a Polo Beach Club Glass
Mojito served in a Polo Beach Club Glass
Dessert served in a branded wine glass
Dessert served in a branded wine glass
Black woman riding on an inflatable swan in a pool
Black woman riding on an inflatable swan in a pool

Polo Beach Club takes a delightful gastronomic journey with their exquisite Cajun chicken and mushroom pizza. A seemingly regular dish stood tall and delivered on the taste factor. I am always excited to see pizza cooked in a traditional stone oven. For me, this translates to a dedication to keeping with the authenticity of traditional pizza-making. The pizza crust was the perfect thickness with all other components synchronising in a perfect amalgamation seasonings and spices. The tomato base was exquisite and not tart with the cajun chicken moist and tender delivering a taste that left me yearning for more.

The menu was limited on my visit as I assume there was a valid reason for this that was not mentioned to me. This shortfall was compensated by the exquisite flavours delivered by the dishes we ordered.

Luxury for me isn’t just about price but every aspect of product and service intentionally organised to exceed expectations I did not know I had which is why the beach club’s washrooms were, in my opinion, quite a let down.

The interior decor for did not seem well thought out, appears as an after thought and was , summarily, underwhelming. The stalls needed immediate attention with an apparent hole in the wall in one of them. The washroom did not mirror the beautiful exterior aesthetic presented and left a dent in my experience.

Overall, the experience at Polo Beach Club was great with their food taking centre stage and outdoor ambiance enjoyable. However, they could improve with careful intent paid to minute aspects of customer experience and washroom hygiene.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Polo Beach Club for their food and beverage as well as strategic beachfront location. The ocean as well as the exterior decor and consideration of guests with the provision of a golf buggy, ups the ante on your experience.

Tell us your experience below if you have visited or plan on visiting!