Unsung Heroines

A celebration of African women


7/10/20233 دقيقة قراءة

Dawn breaks and it is time again to find out what the new day heralds. For some, it is business as usual thanks to the safety their stable jobs afford them security, for others each day is a surprise.

It is another opportunity to flourish in their personal and business lives; however, one thing all these women have in common is a goal. They hope to achieve individual significant objectives which are geared towards enriching their lives and those of the people around them. Most often, the most obvious heroines are not celebrated, and their stories left untold, ending up as fading memories, when, indeed, help shape our communities.

From the corporate woman to the "waakye" seller around the bend, our lives are affected by the women whose stories remain untold. Too often are our minds inundated with the regular slew female heroes - CEOs of multimillion-dollar banks, the famous trust fund babies, the heads of oil companies - displayed on our television screens and etched in our memories.

We only remember the Oprahs, the Alakijas, etc., but who tells the story of the pacesetters and women pushing the boundaries in our society. The women who overcame the odds. Who gives them their accolades which are undeniably overdue? Do we wait till they’re dead and gone to acknowledge the impact they’ve made on us and the lives of those inspired by them?

It is crucial that we break this pattern of recognizing only the most prominent figures and start celebrating the accomplishments of all women, big and small, who have contributed to our society. Their stories are equally important, and their achievements deserve appreciation and acknowledgment during their lifetimes. By recognizing and honoring their efforts, we can empower and inspire other women to pursue their dreams and continue pushing boundaries for the betterment of our society as a whole.

Unsung Heroines are the women who help us when there is no one to help cater to our children; they are the ones who share words of encouragement when we are at our lowest. They are the women who rose above societal barriers to be the change they wanted to see. They are the women inspire us to be better and make us aspire for greatness. Unsung Heroines could be anyone. We all have an unsung heroine in our lives and may have never realized their worth: a friend, a sister, a mentor.

These women may not be famous or widely recognized, but their impact on our lives is immeasurable. They selflessly support and uplift us, and their contributions should be acknowledged and celebrated. Let us not overlook the invaluable role these unsung heroines play in shaping our lives and society as a whole. Expressing gratitude and recognition for their efforts can go a long way in empowering them and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

Take a moment to celebrate the unsung heroines in your life. They may just need your kind words to keep them pushing, persevering, motivating and contributing  to others.

Say a thank you; do something nice for them. Give them a treat. Acknowledge their worth.

A random act of kindness may be all they need.