The Journey


7/25/20232 دقيقة قراءة


This is the best description of how I feel. A full-circle moment. Completion but a start.

The journey to the ShunYaa magazine website has been wrought with emotions. A journey brimming with highs and lows. A journey riddled with recurring bouts of Imposter Syndrome.

Writing is in my blood. It’s coded into every strand of my DNA.

My father, God rest his soul, was a force to reckon within the financial journalism circles. My father was particularly interested in his daughters mastering the art of writing. I remember at the age of 10, him making us proof read articles before they made the cut to that month’s edition. We were to fish out flawed diction. Can you imagine an 11-year old correcting an article written by journalists with more degrees than a compass (insert sly smile)?

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to publish a magazine. I started one in JSS (or JHS as the younger ones call it) but, sadly, it never saw the light of day.


At every turning point in my life, I sought my first love, writing.

My place of solace and peace. Alone with my thoughts, I turn pain or joy into a written symphony.

Writing, for me, can be compared to an artist and her paintbrush. An outlet to paint a picture with words.

I love a discourse on diverse issues. I love to hear or read opposing views and find opportunities to share my thoughts on matters and I decided to start off with an issue that is a silent menace. Colorism. I can't decide if this or racism is worse.

I'll leave that for you.

I challenged myself by diving into the deep end. Years of preparation, years of procrastination have led me to this single moment…..