Solo Dates in Accra


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Spending time by your lonesome may seem awkward at first yet it does your soul a lot of good after a few self outings. Pros of solo dates include building self-confidence and a chance to connect with the most important person.


Beach, please!

This tops our list because of the serenity that comes with being at the beach. Wind in your hair, sand between your toes, the embrace of the ocean.

Ahh, nothing beats having a date with nature. Our beach clubs picks in Ghana are Rehab beach club, Sandbox beach club, Alora beach club and Polo beach club.


Spa Day

There's nothing like taking a day out of your schedule to pamper yourself. Indulge in a decadent session of relaxation and self-care by starting off with an aromatherapy massage.

Once you're done, get a mani-pedi and, if your skin will allow, consider getting a facial.


Artsy fartsy

Accra is a city laden with promising artists. Check out the city's art galleries to stimulate creative senses while appreciating the artistic expressions of diverse Ghanaian creatives.

Nubuke Foundation, Gallery 1957, Ada Gallery, Institute Museum of Ghana are among a host of art galleries that  interesting and eclectic art collections.


coffee & a book

Grab your favorite book and find a cozy cafe to immerse yourself in the world that your book holds. A satisfying cuppa joe or an infused tea will put you in the right head space.

We love Gaia's Organics, Kwae Terrace, Dear Lola Café and Moka's Resto Cafe.


Theatre/cinema & chill

This is may be an unlikely addition, however, trust us you and will NOT be disappointed.

Visit the University of Ghana's School of Performing Arts department for immersive plays. The tickets usually cost between 20GHS and 50GHS. Uncle Ebo's plays at the National Theatre are also very well enacted with thought-provoking themes.

Head on over to the cinema to enjoy a new movie. Do not forget your butter popcorn!