Alley Bar's Exquisite Food, Music, and Ambiance in Accra


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Alley Bar, aptly named and nestled literally in an alley within Nyaniba Estate in Accra, is a melting pot of great food, music, and good times. As part of the Nyaniba Collective—a hospitality group including Le Petit Oiseau, Treehouse, Jamestown Coffee, and Barnyard Beer Garden—Alley Bar offers a remarkable ambiance and a fascinating array of patrons across generations.

Though my visits have been exclusively during the evening, I believe that the space, service, and food consistently maintain their excellence, given the overall experience I've encountered on each occasion.

Fortunately, Alley Bar’s digital menus are easily accessible by the tap of a link on their Instagram page. I find this a thoughtful addition which allows patrons decide on what they’d like to eat and spend prior to visiting.

The reservation process was refreshingly efficient, accompanied by minimal background noise on their end—a significant plus for me. It would have been even better if the hostess had informed me of available seating areas to aid my preference.

Parking presented a slight inconvenience, though I ponder whether there's much the owners can do about it, considering the additional challenge of "self-appointed" parking attendants. The limited availability of parking lots in Accra is a topic for another day. 

Their security personnel, attired in black, greeted us courteously while conducting a standard check.

The hostess who welcomed us was both gracious and polite— this was consistent with every member of the team. Customer experience is indeed at the heart of their operations.

Patrons enjoying a night out in Alley Bar
Patrons enjoying a night out in Alley Bar
Cocktail at Alley Bar, Accra Ghana
Cocktail at Alley Bar, Accra Ghana
Chicken wing dish at Alley Bar, Accra Ghana
Chicken wing dish at Alley Bar, Accra Ghana

Now, onto the highlight of the night—music. As an unapologetic millennial, I remain loyal to the hits of the 2000s through 2016. Alley Bar's DJ has, every time I have visited, consistently curated a playlist featuring hits from this era, contributing significantly to the wonderful time I experienced. The music's volume doesn't overwhelm, striking the perfect balance for a night of dancing.

Menus were promptly provided upon seating, and our waitress displayed an impressive knowledge of the offerings.

Drink orders were served without delay. I can confidently say that I am hooked to their margaritas. It was an exquisite fusion of tequila, triple sec and lemon juice blended together in harmony served in a perfect salt-rimmed martini glass. I usually shy away from tequila-based drinks due to their abrasiveness, but Alley Bar’s spin on the classic was not overpowering and slid down smoothly.

Prawns and pork from Alley Bar
Prawns and pork from Alley Bar

Alley Bar truly shines with its seafood dishes taking center stage. From the indulgently crispy battered calamari rings to the flavorful grilled squid and well-seasoned prawns, the flavor symphony transports you to the ocean without overwhelming the senses.

Their slow-cooked pork did not marry well with me. Although the flavours of the pork were a home run my serving, however, was quite chewy and hard to swallow. Regardless, the entire meal was a hit.

I must laud their shisha, which was excellent, much like their shisha handlers. Poorly prepared shisha can leave one's throat irritated, but their berry custard flavor was luxuriously smooth and satisfying. The diligent attention paid to the coals ensured that the hookah was within optimal heating, enhancing the experience.

After relishing the phenomenal experience Alley Bar had to offer, our bank cards attempted to ruin the night. The waitress was accomodating and understanding. She provided alternative payment options and returned only to check if we were ok.

The entire staff deserve a standing ovation because the trifecta of great service, food and ambience is a rarity to experience.

If you are in Accra looking for a great time with memorable food, music and service, Alley Bar is definitely worth adding to your visit list.

Tip: If you are familiar with the layout, book your table ahead of your visit especially on Friday and Saturday nights!