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Wellness Whispers

Feeling stressed? Are your muscles in knots? Then you need to take some time and cater to you.

We've got you covered with these curated D.I.Y steps designed to lift your mood and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

5 Tips For A D.I.Y Spa Day

Millennial Memories

The Honeysuckle Pub, almost synonymous with their crispy fried yams and succulent chicken wings, has been the staple for the quintessential millennial.

Join me on my night out to find out if it's all hype or if they are worth the trip down memory lane.

The Honeysuckle Pub

Hottest Hangouts in Accra:

Looking for a place with great energy, food and service?

Nestled in between a literal alley, sharing space with Jamestown Coffee, Alley Bar in Ghana has gain grounds as the place to be for millennials and gen-zs.

Read our review of one of the hospitality brands under the Nyaniba Collective group.

Alley Bar

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